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Valtel Gurtea is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Ashes.

In Valtel's trollodex entry, his bullet points are listed as:

  • has never taken a look at himself for too long
  • desensitized sensationalism
  • still chiseling out the details



Valtel is a sculptor who is implied to have been a former member of the cult that Endari was once in.

Personality and Traits

Valtel presents himself as pessimistic, often speaking his words with a deadpan tone. He has a sort of mask and attempts not to appear vulnerable, even though he continuously hides his face behind his hands and avoids eye contact.

When Secily asks him about the sculpture he is currently working on, he seems to light up a bit in response, most likely showing that he has a particular fondness when it comes to his art no matter what.


Gingou Disone

Gingou is confirmed as Valtel's bonded matesprit in his route.

Endari Vernir

Endari has connections to Valtel from the cult that they were both members of, and is also acquainted to Valtel's matesprit. He most likely considers Gingou and Valtel friends, as he shows enough concern to ask Secily to find Valtel after he went missing.



  • His would-be classpect is Heir of Time.
  • He has a habit of hiding his eyes, looking away, or otherwise doing anything to avoid looking straight at people.
  • It's implied that he has the ability to turn people to stone.
    • The sculptures in the maze outside of his mansion are noted to be incredibly lifelike and highly expressive. Additionally, there are rumors of trolls who ventured to the forest outside of his estate turning into trees.
    • He seems reluctant about direct eye contact.
    • Towards the end of the route, in response to Secily's questioning, he stares directly at her with his eyes glowing a burning white and she feels cold and heavy, described as The cold is an overpowering numbness that starts where your blood pusher should be and weighs your entire body down, down... and Necron later tells her † ...and then he used his ability and his eyes got all wacky and he paralyzed you. †
    • In the game files, the sprite for Valtel using his powers is labeled "valtel_gorgon."
  • His blank, "zoned out" expression is reminiscent of Edolon's.



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