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Template:/InfoboxSovara Amalie (more commonly known as Sova), also known by her Skorpe handle, sanguineAllegory, is one of the trolls in Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Silver and her horns curve outwards in a smooth arc.

She was the eleventh troll introduced.


"Sova" means 'owl' in Serbocroatian, Czech, Slovene, and Slovak, matching Sovara's lusus and frequent bird motifs. The full name Sovara may come from the Greek word σοβαρά (sovará), meaning 'seriously'. "Amalie" resembles Amélie, a French given name meaning 'work,' and may also be a reference to the film and musical Amélie, a story about a young girl who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better while struggling with her own isolation.


Six Sweeps

Not much is currently known about who Sovara was or what Sovara looked like at six sweeps. According to her introduction, she spent most of her life after schooling "caged," in a manner she doesn't like to talk about.

Sova in Dexous's captivity.


File:Sova worrying.gif
Sovara worrying about Albion.

Before her introduction, Sovara Skorpe messages Albion with concern during her fateful revelation from her Star Guardian.

Later, she responds to Ellsee's memo, offering to help her with deciphering the information from Ellsee's old book and finding its sister document amongst her scrolls. In this memo, she also catches up with Laivan and Serpaz who promise to protect her during the game ahead.

During the game

Sovara presumably enters in "[S] Ellsee: Enter."; however, she has not appeared in the game as of yet.

Personality and Traits

Due to her confined upbringing, Sovara is socially hindered, with little experience interacting with other trolls. She sees herself as having a great deal to learn and is compassionate and forgiving. She is also "a bit of an emotional pushover who puts other people before herself."<ref></ref> She has a habit of misusing common terms of phrase.

She is an avid reader and a history buff, and quite fond of musical theater, despite not being ready to sing again herself.

Sova deals with a difficult past and struggles to move past it. There are signs that she suffers from PSTD-like symptoms due to her past.


Albion Shukra

Sovara is in a red relationship with Albion Shukra, and both loves her and is very worried about her well-being. Albion regularly translates the ancient scrolls that Sovara finds. Albion does not contact Sovara on the night she is to merge with her Star Guardian, and Sovara spends that evening "practically glued to [her] seat just reading and waiting." It has been confirmed that the two are unbonded, as they are still relatively new to being in a relationship.<ref></ref>

Laivan Ferroo

Sovara is good friends with Laivan and Serpaz, but the three had been out of touch for an extended period, at least until recently. Laivan and Serpaz appear to be somewhat protective of Sovara and are implied to have played a part in helping Sovara obtain her current belongings and residence.

Serpaz Helilo

Sovara is good friends with Laivan and Serpaz, but the three had been out of touch for an extended period, at least until recently. Laivan and Serpaz appear to be somewhat protective of Sovara and are implied to have played a part in helping Sovara obtain her current belongings and residence.

Between Laivan and Serpaz, Serpaz appears to be slightly closer to Sova, likely due to her outgoing and jovial personality compared to Laivan's more laidback and quiet nature. However, while well-meaning, Serpaz is pretty bad at advising Sovara when she is dealing with her emotional hang-ups and trauma, due to her own outlook of dealing with sadness and pain.


Sovara has a difficult past with Dexous. What is known about Dexous indicates that she was in service to him and was often forced to sing for him. Reminders of Dexous can lead Sovara to emotionally withdraw, a clear indication that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from her interactions with him.


  • Sova's chat handle, sanguineAllegory, means 'red story', with sanguine meaning 'blood red' and allegory meaning 'a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one'. This refers to her being of the red-blooded hues and to how her ancestor writes stories like the one seen here.
  • Sova and Albion are the only two members of the main cast who enjoy pineapple on pizza.<ref></ref>
  • Sovara is a Derse dreamer, a redblood, and a Hero of Heart, her extended zodiac sign would be Aro, Sign of the Lost.




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