Serpaz's hive

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Serpaz's hive






Serpaz Helilo
Serpaz's lusus

Serpaz's hive is a building located within eyeshot of some sort of urban area, but with no other hives nearby. It is a relatively simple structure that bears some resemblance to a warehouse. It entirely shades of grey, with no tint to the windows, and is shaped like a cross. It was partly destroyed when Edolon summoned Horrorcore Demons, one of which attacked and partly destroyed a section of her hive.


Serpaz's room is cluttered with pieces of wood, wood shavings, bottles of glue, a first aid kit, a broken helmet, an accordion, and various boxes. There are also various woodworking and carpentry tools hanging on the wall, as well as a comedy master shrine containing posters of Serpaz's favorite comedian, including Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney, and Robin Williams. Additionally, she keeps a corporate-provided calendar which she uses to keep track of accomplishments and important dates.

Her computer desk resembles a workbench, and she has a purple computer chair. Her computer is a laptop shaped like Jerry Seinfeld, with his image on the back as well.

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