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Sabine Berare is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Reverberation.

In Sabine's trollodex entry, his bullet points are listed as:

  • uhm, akshually
  • hey, hey you. yeah, you! you know what kind of frequency this is?
  • already knows the answer


His last name comes from 'reverberate'. His first name is a Dutch feminine name meaning 'peacemaker'.


Personality and Traits

Sabine is employed as a junior designer for Corporate, designing all sorts of graphics for clients (ranging from logos for departments/products to Skorpe themes). He almost exclusively employs bright neon colors in his work, a decision that's every bit as intentional as it is eye-searing. His true passion, however, lies in audio production. Sabine enjoys music (dubstep in particular) and listens to it incredibly loudly and without consideration for the comfort of others.

Sabine is egotistical, intellectual, and obsessed with the idea of achievement and accomplishment. He loves being better than other people, and he thrives on feeling superior in whatever way he can by frequently pointing out minor ways he performs better than others.

His survival ability allows him to control sound waves, which allows him to do anything from making his voice echo to amplifying sounds around him to honing in on specific conversations in a crowded, busy room. He claims he's able to use his powers to hear a pin drop in the Black Depths, though the accuracy of this claim has yet to be confirmed.



Sabine is briefly implied to have been contacting Noxious in Snowbound Blood Volume 8, in which the Skorpehandle that Noxious uses appears on Sabine's chat window. How they interact with each other is currently unknown, but Sabine refuses to acknowledge that he's contact Noxious when questioned about Noxious' chathandle appearing on his computer screen.

Myarty Angelo

Myarty was designed by Ciro and is known as Sabine's moirail.

Omledu Fromaj

Omledu was designed by Ciro and is known as Sabine's kismesis. He was most likely based off of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory in contrast to Sabine being partially inspired by Mandark from the same series.



  • His would-be classpect is Prince of Time.
  • Sabine's character contains numerous references to characters played by actor Eddie Deezen.
    • Sabine's second bullet point references the unnamed Know-It-All Kid from The Polar Express, who asks the protagonist if he knows what kind of train he's in. He also asks Secily what kind of monorail they're on in his Snowbound Blood route.
    • Sabine's third bullet point references Mandark's introductory episode in Dexter's Laboratory, where Mandark was smart enough to know the answers to questions before they were even asked.
    • On his trollodex reveal post on Tumblr, the tags state that Sabine canonically sounds and laughs like Mandark. Sabine has Mandark's signature laughing pose in his trollodex image as well.
    • Raurou mentioned that Sabine had demanded he perform a literal song and dance number before he considered it acceptable for consumption. This is a reference to the Hot Chocolate sequence from The Polar Express, and is perhaps a similar musical number to what Raurou had to perform.



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