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Prospit, also known as the Kingdom of Light, is one of the two kingdoms in the Incipisphere.

"Prospit" is derived from the word "prosperity," and the word "respite", which would contrast with the root of Derse's name. In addition, the Latin word prospicere means "to look at," which may be a reference to Prospit's Skaian Clouds. The demonym of Prospit is "Prospitian."

Prospit is a massive golden city planet that orbits close to Skaia and is connected to a single moon by a large golden chain. Prospit is ruled by the White Queen, and the planet is inhabited by white-carapaced citizens who resemble white chess pieces.

The moon of Prospit possesses a series of towers, one for each of the dream selves of roughly half of the players in any session. The other half of the dream selves reside in similar towers on the moon of Derse. These towers contain rooms that very closely resemble the bedrooms of the players in their homeworld, except they are portrayed largely in a single color tone. When Prospit's moon eclipses Skaia, the towers overlap with Skaia's atmosphere, and the dream selves can gaze into Prospit's clouds to see the future, present, and past.



The Light Kingdom has a King and a Queen who are highest in command.


The citizens of Prospit have white carapaces and, by default, wear white and light grey clothing.

Trolls' Session


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