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Jentha Briati, also known by her Skorpe handle furbishFacilitated, is one of the main characters in the webcomic Vast Error. Her associated alchemic sigil is Tin. She is the last of the main cast to be introduced.

Jentha is based off of the "useless" fantroll archetype, and generally is a subversion of the "shy, sweet, anxious girl" trope.

Repitonian goldbloods are usually born with extremely powerful survival abilities, but Jentha was born without one, making her very vulnerable.


Six Sweeps

Not much is currently known about Jentha before the story begins. 


After her introduction, Jentha receives a message from Occeus, seeking/wanting an advice about his personal problems while Albion is in the midst of her entry and Sovara is busy hiding from the creature. Jentha tells him to jump off on a cliff, in which he ignores her and thanks her instead, in which she replies that she didn't anything.

During the game

Jentha presumably enters in "[S] Ellsee: Enter.", though she was only shown on her entering her planet.

Personality and Traits

Jentha is a very shy and anxious troll who deliberately lives in isolation due to her inability to defend herself on Repiton. Right before her introduction, she is described by White Noise as "Incredibly hard to find on many occasions."

She is highly dependent on her moirail, Dismas, and to a lesser extent, Murrit. Despite her shy and dependent traits, or perhaps as a result of those traits, Jentha has a sassy side.

She collects and cares for "outcast" toys, notably a collection of furbies, because she is unable to help herself.


Dismas Mersiv

Dismas appears to provide nearly everything Jentha needs, both in terms of financial support and emotional comfort as his role as her moirail would dictate.

Murrit Turkin

Jentha has a great dislike for and distrust in Murrit due to his frequent antagonization of Dismas and tendency to cause him pain.

Occeus Coliad

The only time she interacted with Occeus is when he messages her, asking/seeking an advice about his personal problems.


  • Her sprite is the only one of all the trolls to not have her pupils touching the top of her eyes.
  • Jentha is a Derse dreamer, a Yellowblood, and a Hero of Light, meaning her extended sign would be Gempia, Sign of the Perspicacious.
  • Jentha is canonically asexual, as confirmed by the Vast Error official Tumblr. [1]




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