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Template:/Infobox The Exonerated Executer is a character is Vast Error. She is an Authority Regulator in charge of keeping Jack Noir in check.


Prior to the comic, EE was once a criminal who was arrested and given trial. She served her time and eventually became an Authority Regulator, specifically in charge of the criminal formerly known as the Scathing Sharper: Jack Noir. She enjoys a bit of respect and is depended on by the Black Queen to keep Noir in check, and is considered to be the only one fit for the job.

On the night of The Game, she spots Noir raising his hand towards a Dersite Civilian, and activates his shock collar. She pretends to help him up before landing a hefty punch into Noir's face. She then listens to Noir's half-hearted excuses for his apparent threats of violence, but lets him off on the count of her having urgent business with the Derse Royalty involving the Propsitian Royalty and the Shield around Skaia.

Personality and Traits

The Executor is a burly carapacean who is fond of violence. She enjoys bullying Jack Noir and making sure he doesn't get up to trouble. Despite her criminal past, she seems to respect authority and takes her job seriously, likely due to the respect she receives from the Black Queen.


Jack Noir

Jack Noir and the Exonerated Executer are on poor terms, due to EE's position of power over Noir. As an Authority Regulator, EE is in charge of keeping Noir in line during his community service, and makes regular use of his shock anklet and her fists to pacify Noir when he gets violent. Noir knows that EE was a criminal like him in the past, but had her crimes absolved for one reason or another, and has long since served her debt to society.

Despite himself, Noir does feel a sense of respect towards EE for her willingness to stick it to Noir without fear. Meanwhile, EE seems to be willing to overlook minor infractions from Noir when she's got more important things to worry about, but not without hassling Noir first.


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