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Bytcon Krypto is a secondary troll in Vast Error. His associated alchemic sigil is Take.

He was first revealed in the February 18th Trollodex reveal alongside Cadlys Rankor. His bullet points were:

  • hodl
  • bad investments are good investments so you can sell the bad investments to people who don't know what you're talking about.
  • 馃


Bytcon comes from "Bitcoin", while Krypto comes from "Cryptocurrency", which Bitcoin is a type of.


Bytcon's introduction to the world of business was as a young conman. Secily speculates that his interest was sparked more from greed than from desperation, simply finding it an enjoyable and profitable experience. He quickly rose through the ranks of cheaters and scammers and started to make a name for himself, and eventually, he joined the television and show business.

Eventually he moved on to "business business," steadily consuming more of a hold on the economy. At some point, he became involved with "cyphercash," the Repitonian equivalent of cryptocurrency, and was the one who singlehandedly popularized it. He personally crafted or at least popularized more than 1,000 forms of cyphercash, and even still is constantly thinking of new ones.

Personality and Traits

Bytcon can be likened to an explosive TV personality, constantly bursting with excitement and attention-grabbing phrases and offers. He has a particular fondness for winning, which he is very good at doing, but also expresses contempt for the idea of mundanity and predictability. This love for the constantly fluctuating likely explains Bytcon's particular interest in cryptocurrency.

He's likened very frequently to rats, even though he apparently has no rat lusus on record. Both Secily and Endari refer to him as such, though only the latter says it to him (and only the latter uses it as a form of endearment). He's quick-thinking, agile and incredibly hard to track down and catch in the act, hence his continued freedom despite his presumed phenomenal track record of criminal acts.


Endari Vernir

Endari, like Bytcon, is a member of The Boys. When pressed for an alibi, Bytcon directs Secily to talk to Endari, telling her that they're very close. In Snowbound Blood: Volume 6, it is strongly implied that Endari is Bytcon's matesprit. The two are seen attending Raurou's cooking class together and being quite publicly affectionate. Despite generally being as brash as usual, he falls quiet and blushes when Endari compliments him.


Divino is a troll designed by Charlie. They hold a moirailligence.


  • His would-be classpect is Thief of Heart.
  • According to the tags on the tumblr post about his reveal, if you fuse him with Cadlys you get Tagora.
  • "hodl" is a reference to HODL, slang for holding cryptocurrency rather than selling it.
  • If you look closely at his character select, a small distorted rat version of Bytcon is seen with the text "be as quiet as a rat."




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