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The aspects arranged in a wheel.

An aspect is an element assigned to a player that dictates their role and powers. It is one half of the player titles, the other being the class. These two are often combined to become classpects. There are twelve known aspects, each seemingly a generalized "element" or concept, that could be considered a primal force of reality.

Aspects are not restricted to particular lunar sways, even if some of them have a closer thematic link to one of the two dream moons.

List of Aspects


File:Space Button.png
The Symbol of Space.

"Those bound to the aspect of Space are, as the name suggests, concerned with the big picture. They are patient, masters of the art of 'wait-and-see', and are inclined to take things as they come. That isn't to say that they're pushovers or willing to let injustice lie-they just choose their battles wisely, understanding that sometimes you have to let something burn to the ground in order to build it back better and stronger than before. To this effect, they tend to be innovators, concerned with creation and redemption. Catch them recycling the old to make the new, the fresh, and the beautiful. For the Space-bound, the journey is as, if not more, important than the destination; how they do something is as important as what they do. At their best, they are steady, impartial, and creative. At their worst, they can be detached, apathetic, and vague." The Extended Zodiac

Space is the other basic fabric of paradox space, along with Time as counterparts.

The symbol for Space is very similar to the Borjgali and is symbolic of concepts relating to the roles of heroes of Space. It also resembles a spiral galaxy.

Space is a typically passive aspect of great power, falling back and hosting the stage before suddenly in some way showing "who is truly the master" and then collapsing in on itself.

Similar to Time players having a connection to death, Space players seem to have a connection with life.

The only known Hero of Space is Laivan Ferroo, the Knight of Space. The denizen associated with this aspect is Haniel.


File:Time Button.png
The Symbol of Time.

"Those bound to the aspect of Time are fighters, full stop. Their lives are often marked by struggle, not so much because fate has it in for them, but because they are fundamentally incapable of just accepting things as they come. They value action over passive acceptance, even if that may not be the wisest or safest choice. Don't try to tell a Time-bound to sit still and look pretty. They are very goal-focused, and tend to value the destination over the journey, and you won't find them making that journey in any traditional sort of way. To quote cheesy posters found on many a guidance counselor's wall-"impossible is just a word". If you need a miracle, they are who you call. At their best, the Time-bound are empathetic and relentless problem-solvers. At their worst they are ruthless, defensive, and impulsive." The Extended Zodiac

Time is one of the two basic fabrics of paradox space, with its counterpart being Space. It is associated with the time travel and exploits as well as timeline maintenance in general.

The Time aspect appears to have some sort of connection with death. This directly contrasts with the Life aspect or could also contrast with Space's association with life and beginnings.

The only known Hero of Time is Murrit Turkin, the Thief of Time. The denizen associated with this aspect is unknown.


File:Mind Button.png
The Symbol of Mind.

"Those bound to the aspect of Mind are-you guessed it-the universe's great thinkers. But don't for a second think that means that they have all the answers. They are very concerned with remaining rational, and they have such a firm hold on the constant conjunction of their thinking that it's easy for them to see the multitudes of the choices laid out before them, which often leaves them frozen and unable to act. That said, when a Mind-bound finally launches into action, they can execute a plan with unbelievable grace and precision. Their identity is fluid-it can change from day-to-day, from thought-to-thought, from interaction-to-interaction. Remaining logical is more important to them than building up a solid foundation of "self." At their best they are great innovators, architects, and creators. At their worst they can be nasty, inflexible, and indecisive" The Extended Zodiac

The Mind aspect seems to be related to thoughts and decisions of individuals and the consequences of those decisions.

The Mind aspect may also be associated with the concepts of karma and justice.

The only known Hero of Mind is Dismas Mersiv, the Rogue of Mind. The denizen associated with this aspect is unknown.


File:Heart Button.png
The Symbol of Heart.

"Those bound to the aspect of Heart are very concerned with their favorite subject: themselves. It wouldn't be a stretch to call them 'self-obsessed', but not necessarily in a negative way. They simply want to understand the one thing we all are stuck with for our entire lives, i.e. our own minds. Forging an identity is extremely important to the Heart-bound, and every decision and action goes toward building a coherent narrative of their own story. That isn't to say Heart-bound don't care deeply for their friends and allies; they just have a tendency to assume that everyone is as concerned with identity as they are. They are excellent at putting on and taking off masks as the situation calls for them. At their best, they are competent, imaginative, and steady. At their worst they can be overbearing, inflexible, and cold." The Extended Zodiac

The Heart aspect is comparable to "Soul", or essence of being.

Heart is associated with emotions and intuition, and may also be associated with motivations and inclinations to do things. This contrasts with Mind's association with action, and Heart has been speculated to be the antithesis of Mind. Furthering this, Heart may also have something to do with feelings, including feelings of attraction.

The only known Hero of Heart is Sovara Amelie, the Page of Heart. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.


File:Hope Button.png
The Symbol of Hope.

"Those bound to the aspect of Hope are driven first and foremost by their convictions. They do right for right's sake, and are quick to come to the aid of anyone they deem to be experiencing injustice. That said, their views of the world can be quite black and white, so what they see as the "right" thing may not always be the universally accepted view. They put great value in the power of the imagination, the ability to dream up a better and more beautiful future. If anyone could dream a better world into existence, it would be one of the Hope-bound. They may sound like all sunshine and rainbows, but they aren't adverse to a little destruction, especially if they think they can replace it with something better and more just. At their best, Hope-bound are positive, caring, and warm. At their worst they can be narrow-minded and selfish." The Extended Zodiac

Hope seems to embody both its literal meaning and certain holy powers.

An alternative theory is that Hope is the power of belief.

Continuing this, Hope may mean believing in many possibilities. This is in contrast to Rage's connotation of belief in only one possibility. It also represents positive emotions to contrast Rage's negative emotions. Another connection to this difference is the fact that the Hope aspect's color scheme associates more with the Prospitian light-yellow tones, while Rage is more based on Derse's.

The only known Hero of Hope is Albion Shukra, the Seer of Hope. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.


File:Rage Button.png
The Symbol of Rage.

"Those bound to the aspect of Rage are bringers of chaos. They posses great contempt for lies or false ideas, including the stability that false ideas can impart. To them, the true is far more important than the good; they would tear down a system just to destabilize it if, by their reckoning, it is built on faulty premises. Often the Rage-bound prefer anarchy to any of the alternate forms of civilization, which they believe to be riddled with lies and foolishness and obedient masses. They are bringers of confusion and doubt, and they can be frustratingly difficult to convince otherwise when they have attached themselves to an idea. If they sound dangerous, they are. The Rage-bound tend to be most volatile and unpredictable of the aspects. At their best they are original, revolutionary, and fearless. At their worst they are cruel, uncompromising, and vicious." The Extended Zodiac

The Rage aspect is an antithesis of Hope, tied to negative emotions and rage.

While Hope is tied to "aura" attacks, this aspect may have an effect on brute strength.

Rage can also deal with sanity or madness.

The only known Hero of Rage is Tazsia, the Sylph of Rage. The associated denizen with this aspect is Azbogah.


File:Breath Button.png
The Symbol of Breath.

"Those bound to the aspect of Breath are, above all, expansive. Flexible and driven, they leave an impact wherever they go. Like the breeze itself, they are able to sweep others up to carry along in their wake, but also like the breeze, they can be difficult to catch hold of or tie down. Although Breath-bound do make very good leaders, breath tends to be a very personal aspect. Often, heroism comes along as an offshoot of them pursuing their own personal stories. They lead by example, and will routinely be surprised that others look up to or feel inspired by them. They have a tendency to underestimate themselves, and not always out of poor self-esteem. They were just doing their own thing. At their best Breath-bound are motivated, adaptable, and forward thinking, but at their worst they can be volatile, avoidant, and gullible." The Extended Zodiac

The Breath aspect has a relationship to power over The Breeze.

Breath also has connections to direction and freedom.

Breath is tied to changes, as well.

The only known Hero of Breath is Arcjec Voorat, the Bard of Breath. The associated denizen with this aspect is Zehanpuryu.


File:Blood Button.png
The Symbol of Blood.

"Those bound to the aspect of Blood draw their strength from bonds, from the trust and camaraderie that blooms among a group of people who all share a single vision. Blood-bound are absolutely leaders, but they inhabit more of an inspirational role than a commanding one. They are prophets, rather than generals, giving others the strength and motivation to keep fighting. The Blood-bound can dispense excellent advice even when their own lives and interpersonal relationships are disasters. They can be very "do as I say, not as I do" types. A Blood-bound can often be found on a sinking ship, forcing an endeavor forward with sheer stubborn force of will. No matter how bad things go, a Blood-bound can always count on friends and allies. At their best, they are charismatic, uplifting, and magnetic. At their worst they can be sullen, unkind, and set-in-their-ways." The Extended Zodiac

Blood is a more abstract aspect, linked to relationships including friendship and unity in general, such as the word is used in "blood brothers".

The only known Hero of Blood is Occeus Coliad, the Prince of Blood. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.


File:Life Button.png
The Symbol of Life.

"Those bound to the aspect of Life are the universe's healers. They are concerned with the betterment of themselves and those around them, as well as the onward march of positive progress. Deeply empathetic, they have an intuitive understanding of other's suffering and the best way of righting those wrongs. If you're poisoned, chances are the Life-bound have something for what ails ya. This applies to both physical and mental suffering, though it might not be a cure you'll like. They also have the tendency to put other's needs before their own, which never ends well for anyone, because the Life-bound can grow bitter if they feel their own self-care has had to be shunted aside. At their best, they are great listeners, caretakers, and nurturers. At their worst, the Life-bound are passive aggressive, and pushy-they're certain they know best." The Extended Zodiac

The Life aspect is some kind of innate "life force" of living beings. If Doom is associated with death, then it may very well be the antithesis of Life.

The only known Hero of Life is Ellsee Raines, the Mage of Life. The associated denizen with this aspect is Lilith.


File:Doom Button.png
The Symbol of Doom.

"Those bound to the aspect of Doom are fate's chosen sufferers. It may not sound like an overly pleasant aspect to be aligned with, but it does come along with great wisdom and empathy. The Doom-bound understand that misery loves company, and they are ready and willing to provide said company. The Doom-bound won't fix you; they aren't healers. They are commiserators, aware that sometimes the only thing you can do for a person is let them know that they are not alone in their suffering. They are not the advice friend-they're the friend you go to when you need to vent about a rough day at work. They are not necessarily noble martyrs, either-the Doom-bound can become quite irate about their lot. At their best they are wise, kind, and non-judgemental. At their worst, bitter, resentful, and fatalistic." The Extended Zodiac

Doom is related to misery, an antithesis of Life.

Continuing its connotation of death, Doom can also mean sacrifice.

As the original definition of the word, Doom is slightly related to judgment and rules that apply to things.

The only known Hero of Doom is Serpaz Helilo, the Witch of Doom. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.


File:Light Button.png
The Symbol of Light.

"Those bound to the aspect of Light are the universe's knowledge-seekers. They are, above all, driven to learn and understand. They are great alchemists, able to take multiple sources of information and synthesize them into something useful. They are scholars and researchers, absolutely dedicated to knowledge for knowledge's sake. They are the ultimate students, and although that might conjure up the image of people sitting around peacefully waiting for knowledge to be brought to them, that couldn't be further from the truth. The Light-bound will go after knowledge with a fierce intensity that others may find distasteful. They aren't overly concerned with laws or norms, either. They often take rules as simple suggestions, instead searching for loopholes or work-arounds. At their best, the Light-bound are resourceful and driven. At their worst they can be fussy, pedantic, and insensitive." The Extended Zodiac

The Light aspect is equivalent to "fortune" and involves power over luck and fortuitous outcomes. This may also mean that Light could mean "knowledge", in the way that it contrasts with the Void aspect.

Alternatively, Light players may possess some degree of control over light itself, or at the very least, an enhanced detection of bouncing light rays.

Another possible interpretation is that Light's aspect embodies fate or destiny. Robbing fortune can be seen as stealing away a favorable fate, while a seer mapping favorable outcomes is essentially charting destiny.

The only known Hero of Light is Jentha Briati, the Heir of Light. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.


File:Void Button.png
The Symbol of Void.

"Those bound to the aspect of Void are the universe's secret-keepers. The unknown doesn't scare them-where others might see emptiness, they see potential. A blank page, an empty canvas, that's what the Void-bound live for. They value mystery and the unexplained, and are not particularly bothered by not having all the answers. Where others might be compelled to go out and seek answers, the Void-bound lean more toward casting doubt on what is already considered fully understood. They don't take much on faith and would rather live in a state of confusion than believe something that might be untrue or bow to intellectual authority. After all, in order for something new to be built, the old, rotting foundation must often be razed. At their best, Void-bound are wise, intuitive, and vibrant. At their worst they can be dismissive, indecisive, and apathetic." The Extended Zodiac

Void is associated with "the essence of lacking, or nothingness" and "the obfuscation of knowledge", or its "outright destruction".

The Void symbol takes the appearance of a hollowed out Space symbol.

The only known Hero of Void is Calder Kerian, the Maid of Void. The associated denizen with this aspect is currently unknown.